Welcome to the Registration Page for the Emerald Isle Fall Fishing Tournament!


We are excited to have you join us for this fun event!  We have a couple of pointers to make your registration easier.

If you are registering for the King Mackerel Tournament, please let us know if there will be any lady anglers, junior anglers or senior anglers on your boat.  You can change this later by coming back to this page.  You are only required to register the captain of the boat, not all of the anglers who will be aboard. 

If you are entering into the Spanish Mackerel tournament only, there are no additional prizes for other anglers.  

If you are registering for the surf division, your Team Name and your boat name are your name.  Simply enter your name where the team and boat names are, and you will also register yourself as the angler.   Under NC Registration number either enter the number of your fishing license or NA.  

Please note on the special divisions (Lady, Senior and Junior) - those are only available to the King fishing teams.  Senior is anyone 60 and older.  Junior is 16 and under.  


  1. Surf:  $50 per person 
  2. Surf Junior:  no charge (no monetary prize but other prizes are awarded)

Boat Division:  

  1. King:  $150
  2. Spanish:  $100
  3. King and Spanish:  $250
  4. King TWT:  $100

If you need to make any changes to your teams or wish to review them, please email us directly at eifishingtournament@emeraldisle-nc.org