Emerald Isle First Annual Fall Fishing Tournament Mission Statement

All registration fees are paid back 100% in prize money and other awards.  All sponsor money is dontated to our two causes.

Fishing and our local waterways are the number one reason people visit Emerald Isle.  We wish to encourage our local students (one for each local area high school) who wish to study the Marine Sciences to come back home after school and help the community in furthering our education on oceans, sounds and the incredible variety of wildlife inhabiting our area

Historically, the Town has contributed general tax revenues for navigation dredging efforts in Bogue Inlet.  The Town has partnered with the State of NC and other nearby local governments to keep the inlet navigable for the past decade.  The allocation of fishing tournament proceeds for future Bogue Inlet dredging will enable the Town to reduce the reliance on Town Tax revenues for this work and will also promote more cost effective dredging practices in the future. 


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